Fellowships In Implantology

A comprehensive course for dentists having little or no exposure to implantology. Open to users of all reputed implant systems.

Fellowships in Clinical Endodontics

Fellowship in Clinical Endodontics is an exclusive Fellowship programme conducted at AIAD by World Clinical Endodontics Federation

Asian Institute In Indian
Fellowships in General Dentistry

Fellowship in General Dentistry is an exclusive International Fellowship programme at AIAD which enables a Dentist to begin their career as Dental Practitioner

Dental Clinic
Fellowships in Clinical Orthodontics

The course curriculum can be tailored to include possible experiences in clinical orthodontics, clinical and didactic teaching methodologies.

Our Fellowships & Masterships

Duration : 6 - 8 Months

Amount : INR 1,50,000/-

Duration : 6 Weeks

Amount : INR 40,000/-

Duration : 6 Weeks

Amount : INR 55,000/-

Duration : 9 Months

Amount : INR 65,000/-

Duration : 6 - 8 Months

Amount : 21500 HKD (1,83,750 INR)

Duration : 6 Months

Amount : 21500 HKD (1,83,750 INR)

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