Mastership In Oral Implantology

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Course Objectives

  • To have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics of Implants and biology of implant-based oral rehabilitation.
  • To enable case-selection, clinical & radiographic assessment of patients for dental implant rehabilitation
  • To achieve a satisfactory degree of skill and confidence in standard implant placement
  • To get practical tips on how to avoid common pitfalls and complications in Implantology

Course Highlights:

  • A comprehensive course for dentists having little or no exposure to implantology
  • Open to users of all reputed implant systems in India
  • Focus on science of implantology
  • Training & lectures by well-experienced and credentialed faculty.
  • Lectures, Hands-on pre-clinical training on Styrofoam jaw models.
  • Implant placement on patients under expert supervision, by the participants.
  • Every participant to place 6 implants on patients and do many impressions & fixations on patients.
  • Surgical Implant placement and the Clinical Prosthesis done by the participants
  • Participants will get continued support even after the completion of the course.
  • After completion of this programme Mastership in Oral Implantology is awarded in AIAD convocations Accredited by International Open Medvarsity, HongKong .
  • Rationale and scope of dental implants
  • Applied anatomy & Physiology for implant placement
  • Osseointegration through the history of dentistry and for the future
  • Biomaterials and Osseointegration
  • Bone Evaluation
  • Bone quality & Bone quantity
  • Soft tissue consideration
  • Selection of implant
  • Implant Designs & Systems
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery considerations
  • Prosthetic components and options for treatment
  • How to prepare an optimal stent
  • Bone, teeth, tissue- supported guide: pros and cons
  • Instrumentarium for implant surgery: basic surgical kit and Advanced surgical kit
  • Dental Council of india Registration Certificate (Any State Dental Council / Tribunal Registration) either Provisional or Permanent Registration Certificate is mandatory to join any Fellowship / Mastership program at AIAD. Participant is required to produce Original Certificate in office on the day of Joining the program.



IOM HongKong or its affiliated Institute AIAD does not conduct a course of study or training which would enable a student of such course or training to qualify himselffor the grant of recognized dental qualification in India under Section 10A of the Dentists (Amendment) Act, 1993.