Fellowship In Clinical Orthodontics

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Day 1

  • Introduction to orthodontics
  • Understanding fixed orthodontics
  • Scope of orthodontics
  • Introduction to straight wire appliance
  • Importance of skeletal, Dental and Soft tissue relationship in orthodontics
  • Goals of Orthodontics
  • Classification of malocclusion
  • Understanding class I,II,III malocclusion, Variation & their Orthodontic consideration
  • Discrepancy in skeletal growth & its implications
  • Frequently used Orthodontic terms
  • Diagnosis of orthodontic patients
  • Importance of study models, Photography & X – rays
  • Armamentarium Set Up

  • Day 2

  • Treatment planning for class I malocclusion – midline, anterior cross bite, Posterior Cross bite, crowding, open bite, deep bite , Spacings, Scissors bite, bimaxillary protrusion.
  • Expansion screw , tooth born & tissue born
  • Understanding extraction Vs non Extraction
  • Special emphasis on deepbite management in growing & adult patients
  • Methods of gaining space
  • Therapeutic extraction
  • Dental Council of india Registration Certificate (Any State Dental Council / Tribunal Registration) either Provisional or Permanent Registration Certificate is mandatory to join any Fellowship / Mastership program at AIAD. Participant is required to produce Original Certificate in office on the day of Joining the program.



IOM HongKong or its affiliated Institute AIAD does not conduct a course of study or training which would enable a student of such course or training to qualify himselffor the grant of recognized dental qualification in India under Section 10A of the Dentists (Amendment) Act, 1993.