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Course Description
  • Most of medical emergencies arise without warning . Time taken for arrival of medical help sometimes costs the life of an individual . In order to prevent further damage to them, we have designed this course that enables you to help save a life.
    Basic Life Support is an advanced course that will help you get hands on experience by practicing on mannequins in a real life type setting.
  • To become a Champion in handling Emergencies
Course Highlights
  • Identify fatal emergencies like a stroke or a heart attack
  • First aid management for cases like syncope, airway obstruction, anaphylaxis, local anesthetic toxicity, asthmatic attack, chest pain, hemorrhage, and seizure. etc.
  • Understanding the “Good Samaritan Law”
  • Hands-On Practice for first-aid procedures
  • Standardized approach and better critical thinking
  • A Dental professional is competent to independently handle emergencies
  • Empower individual who can take a lead role and guide those around to help manage medical emergency.