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Fellowship in General Dentistry is an exclusive Fellowship programme conducted at AIAD centres in India which enables a Dentist to begin their dental career with confidence & enriches the practicing dentist in their clinical skills.

Programme Highlights:

  • This Fellowship Program includes all the content of Fellowship in Clinical Endodontics , apart from the following added content .
  • It is a six weeks clinical programme which runs daily from 10am to 5 pm except Sunday
  • It is the amalgamation of multi-department works to a single chair uni-dentist expertise.
  • Enables a Dentist to treat almost all aspects of Dentistry except Orthodontics, Implants, FMR & few major surgical procedures.
  • Gives an edge to a young dentist to begin their own dental practice
  • Alongwith dental treatment skills it gives an opportunity to the participant to build-up practice management skills as well which is generally neglected in our dental schools but it has been given much importance at AIAD centres as this particular aspect has a major role in achieving higher levels of practice

Programme content:

  • Initial 3-4 days of course contains lectures on basic & rotary endodontics alongwith Hands-on practice on extracted teeth
  • Once the participant is confidant to open access cavity preparations, patients are allotted (A minimum of 10 root canals on patients / participant provided)
  • Each participant will learn crown preparations on extracted teeth first & then allowed to do the same on patients
  • Use Elastomeric impression material in cases where you need to record finer details
  • Learn atraumatic extractions on patients
  • All participants of this programme are free to do the composite fillings or any other fillings in the daily O.P. of our attached charity hospital
  • Manage prosthetic replacement for difficult crowns by learning post & core build-up in patients
Apart from above procedures the participants depending upon their confidence & enthusiasm can convince patients & perform following advanced treatments:
  • Learn & do the retraction of gingiva by using retraction gel & gingival retraction cord in anterior cases
  • Use Elastomeric impression material in cases where you need to record finer details
  • Shall have the opportunity to learn placing tooth Jewels
  • Participants can watch the live procedures of implants & lasers being done at the centre regularly by either the faculty or other implant fellows.
    Every participant should complete following Fellowship requirements:
  • Present a Seminar at the end of the programme
  • Clear the final assessment by external & internal evaluators
    Fellowship certificate is awarded in the convocation or can be collected from centre after convocation only. Fellowship in Accredited by International Open Medvarsity, HongKong.
  • Dental Council of india Registration Certificate (Any State Dental Council / Tribunal Registration) either Provisional or Permanent Registration Certificate is mandatory to join any Fellowship / Mastership program at AIAD. Participant is required to produce Original Certificate in office on the day of Joining the program.



IOM HongKong or its affiliated Institute AIAD does not conduct a course of study or training which would enable a student of such course or training to qualify himselffor the grant of recognized dental qualification in India under Section 10A of the Dentists (Amendment) Act, 1993.