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1. Certificate Course (3 Essential modules completing in 3 months)
Essential Modules (Module I, II & III) - Each module is of two days duration (Every month)


  • Introduction to Orthodontics
  • Understanding Fixed Orthodontics
  • Scope of Orthodontics Introduction to straight wire appliance
  • Importance of skeletal, dentition and soft tissue relationship in orthodontics.
  • Goals of orthodontics. Classification of malocclusion.
  • Understanding class I, class II & class III malocclusion,varitation and their orthodontic consideration.
  • Discrepancy in skeletal growth and it\'s implications.
  • Frequently used orthodontic terms.
  • Diagnosis of orthodontics patients.
  • Importance of study model, photograph & x- rays.

Armamentarium set up.


  • Treatment planning in detail.
  • Treatment planning for class I malocclusion, mid line, crosses bite, crowding, open bite, deep bite and spacing.
  • Expansion screw, tooth born and tissue born
  • Understanding extraction vs non extraction vs expansion vs proximal striping
  • Treatment planning for class II malocclusion
  • Treatment options for class II in growing and adults patient.
  • Orthopedic and functional appliances used in class II malocclusion.
  • Importance of twin block.
  • Bite registration for twin block.
  • Introduction to fixed functional appliances.
  • Treatment for class III malocclusion in growing patient and adult patients.
  • Methods of gaining space
  • Therapeutic extraction.
  • Special emphasis on deep bite management in growing and adult patients.

Hands on: Intra-oral and Extra-oral photography